Family Photos 2020

For Jade’s milestones throughout the past two years, I have had photos done for her Newborn, Six Month, and One Year. This year for her Second birthday I wanted to do a family photoshoot instead of just her. It was quite the roller coaster ride getting these photos done.

We had planned to get the pictures done a week before Jade’s birthday but unfortunately Jade was very sick then got an ear infection and the flu. We then rescheduled the pictures for the week after her birthday and just our luck I got very sick. I refused to not get these pictures done and powered through my nasty sickness!

I really tried to not get my hopes up for these photos knowing how hard it can be to get pictures of a toddler. As suspected she did not cooperate and we just had to go with the flow. It definitely helped to have a little bribe of smarties!

It was wet, cold, icy, and Jade did not want to look at the camera yet our amazing photographer managed to make our photos look magical. I am beyond happy with how they turned out you wouldn’t eve be able to tell all the obstacles we came across. Check out his Instagram @Owenmertensphotography and website

My biggest advice I can give anyone who is looking to get family photos done is to just go with the flow and try not to stress too much about it. The most important thing is to have fun and the right photographer will make it work!

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