Wild Bird Review

I had the pleasure of working with WildBird this past month and could not be more thrilled to share my experience with their ring sling.

I have always adored WildBird because of all the beautiful colors and patterns the slings come in. Anyone that knows me knows I am a sucker for neutral. It was a really tough decision trying to pick one out but ended up settling on the Scoter- Chambray. It is such a gorgeous pattern, it goes so well with all outfits. Knowing how beautiful these slings are and how much Jade would love carrying around her baby dolls I got her a Mini Sling in the color Goldcrest for Christmas.

The sling arrived in this adorable box and came fast for coming from the States to Canada. When I first tried out on the sling I was having some trouble getting it just right. I had never used a ring sling before but luckily WildBird has really helpful tutorials on How to as well as a size guide! The material of the sling is amazing I believe the one I received is 100% linen which makes for a cozy snuggle for your babes. I was amazed at the support the sling gave, carrying around a toddler can be really hard on your back but it felt so easy and comfortable wearing her. Within 10 minutes of taking her on a walk she was out like a light it was amazing. Throughout the day she asks me to put her in the sling she adores it. It is extremely helpful when cooking as well instead of having her clutched to my leg!

Overall I really love this sling. It is not bulky so its easily compactable, beautiful pattern, and super soft! If you are in the market for a sling I highly suggest this one.


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