Truly Lifestyle Brand Review

I reached out to Truly Lifestyle Brand after seeing the incredible results from others. I was also really happy to see that they are a fellow Canadian based out of BC. I try my best to support small shops/businesses especially when they are local to me. The owner is absolutely wonderful to work with, she is such a kind person who is passionate about her business which is something I love to see.

I received the Truly Clear Spot Treatment and Truly Soothing Witch Hazel and fell in love.  The spot treatment smells amazing if you love the smell of tea tree you will love the smell of this.  The witch hazel has been amazing for balancing my skin tone and the puffiness of my eyes in the morning. In the winter my skin tends to get more dry with the colder weather which is why I adore the spot treatment so much. The grape seed and tea tree oil in it make the serum extremely moisturizing my skin has never felt so smooth.

After seeing the amazing results of these two products together I decided to give them a try on my stretch marks. I have harsh stretch marks the line my stomach, back, and thighs that are quite deep. Removing these stretch marks is nearly impossible without cosmetic surgery/laser but I have been able to reduce the redness. Pairing my Frankbod Coffee Scrub with the spot treatment and witch hazel has done wonders. One thing you have to know is that no product will work unless you are committed to it. I use my Truly Lifestyle products morning and night, that’s how I get the best results possible.

Overall, I really enjoyed this product. I feel much more confident in my skin and the natural glow it gives off.

If you are still skeptical, check out their Instagram @trulylifestylebrand and see the results for yourself!


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