Taking Pictures of a Toddler

If you have a toddler you know how dreadful it can be trying to capture a good picture of them. If your child is anything like mine you place them in a spot and before you can even pick up your camera to get the picture their already gone. I don’t even wanna talk about the number of ridiculous things I have done to get a good picture of Jade! Definitely, lots of jumping up and down and funny faces + noises to make her laugh, by the time I’m finished I am usually sweating buckets! If you see a great picture of Jade know that a lot of work went into that!

Three Key Aspects of Getting a Good Photo

  • Having a good camera. I wish I could afford a professional camera I have had my eye on the Canon EOS M100 but for now, I use my Samsung Galaxy S8 camera which works great.
  • Lighting is so important when it comes to getting a good photo. I find I get the best pictures either early in the morning or before the sun is starting to set during “golden hour.” I try to avoid midday because the sun is usually too bright.
  • Simple backgrounds. I love pictures with simple backgrounds especially white, wood and brick backgrounds, they always turn out so well + look good on your Instagram feed.

Getting your Toddler To Stay Still for a Picture

Now, this is the hard part, I have tried so many things to get Jade to stay for a picture (some quite embarrassing) and have come up with a list of things that seem to help.

  • Food. Jade loves food so this always works with her + makes for a good picture. There’s nothing cuter than a little baby taking a bite out of a big chunk of watermelon.
  • Music. Jade loves to dance and smiles so much when I put on her favorite song.
  • Get a helping hand. When someone is around I usually get them to help me out making Jade laugh behind the camera while I snap as many pictures as possible!
  • Do something really funny. Sounds pretty simple right? Wrong. You have to do something funny and entertaining as quick as possible before they’re onto the next thing. Jade things its so funny when I as for a nibble of her toes, works every time!
  • Capture them in their own environment. What I mean by this is just let them do their own thing, by not forcing them to stay in a certain spot and letting them roam you can usually get a pretty cool picture.
  • Flowers. Jade loves her flowers just like her mama, she always sniffs and plays with them so it is the perfect distraction to keeping her still.

To all the mamas out there trying to get pictures of your toddlers I feel for you and feel your pain! The best things I can say to you is good luck!

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