Summer Vibes

Lately, I have been slacking on keeping up with my posts but I have a good excuse, its summer and I have been trying to soak up every moment of the warm weather before that treacherous Canadian winter comes along (also Jade has been skipping her naps, SOS send help.) This summer so far has been tons of fun since Jade is a little older now and can do a lot more things so we have been doing a lot of firsts and it’s been amazing. So far we have checked off a few of the summer bucket list ideas and have had a blast doing it.

On Sunday my sister, her boyfriend and I took Jade to the pool/splash pad and she had so much fun it was adorable! She was running through the water, learning to kick her feet in the pool, and most importantly having lots of fun. It was so sweet watching her run through the sprinklers smiling and giggling it was too sweet.

On Monday my three aunts, sister, Jade and I went to The Old Dutch Mill where we had a yummy plate of pasta + salads and finished it off with dessert. They also have ponies, alpacas, llamas, ducks, and bunnies running around and a park to play at which was lots of fun. Jade wouldn’t leave the bunnies alone she adored them it was so cute, I this they reminded her of her stuffed bunny at home.

On Thursday Quinn, Jade, my sister, her boyfriend and I stopped by the pool at my Nanas house for a dip since it was crazy hot that day. Jade is such a little water bug she gets so excited when we go swimming. I was also teaching to jump into the pool into my arms, so cute! Shes too funny she would refuse to jump into her Daddy’s arms only mamas.

On Friday Quinn, Jade and I met up with my Dad, sister and her boyfriend at the farmers market which is one of my favorite things to do in the summer anyone that knows me knows I love farmers markets + supporting local farmers. I picked up some fresh blueberries and strawberries while we were there and made homemade strawberry jam and yogurt covered blueberries and froze them for Jadey. Later that night we took a family trip to Easter Brooks for ice cream. I have been going there longer then I can remember, they have the best ice cream, onion rings, and hotdogs I definitely suggest taking a trip there and if you do the Belly Buster hotdog is the best! It was the perfect end to a great day.

On Saturday Quinn and I brought Jade back to The Dutch Mill since she had so much fun the last time we went and Quinn had never been. Just like last time she was stuck to the bunnies and even picked up grass and fed them, she is braver then I am. It is such a great place for a family day and we lucked out with beautiful weather which made it even better.

Out of all these amazing days spending time together as a family my favorite by far was on Sunday when we went to Bronte Creek Park. There was so much to do there it was such a fun day. First, we checked out the nature center which was a really neat place for Jade to learn some things and see some turtles +insects. Then we walked around to go see the farm animals, they have a pig (it’s HUGE) bunnies, goats, cows, and chickens. The best were the goats and a sweet boy gave Jade a carrot to feed them, she was so happy, there is no better feeling than seeing the pure joy on your little babes face. After that, we went to the pool which was unbelievable. It was huge it was more like a lake, of course, our little water bug had so much fun I really liked that it was shallow for her. With all the fun activities we did and having the sun shining all day it could not have been a more perfect day together.

We have had so much fun this summer together so far and I have so many more plans for us. If you have any fun suggestions for us to do this summer comment below!



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