The other day Quinn and I were talking about how awesome it would be if there was a baby movie theater, one that isn’t as loud as the regular one so that we could take Jade to see The Secret Life Of Pets 2. She is so obsessed with The Secret Life of Pets (she literally asks us to put it on EVERY. SINGLE. DAY) so we really wanted her to see the second one. I mentioned renting the movie so we could watch it as home and funny enough when Quinn googled baby movie theater Stars and Strollers popped up. We had no idea Cineplex offered this amazing thing and even better it was offered at a theatre right around the corner from us. Stars and Strollers are in a theatre that has lowered volume, dimmed lighting, bottle warmers, changing tables and more to make watching a movie with your little one(s) easy. We were so happy to find this and be able to take Jade to the movies for the first time today and see The Secret Life of Pets 2. Overall the movie was pretty awful, they changed Max voice which I understand because of the whole Louis CK scandal but in general, there was no storyline to the movie, the first one was way better. Oh well, it didn’t matter since we went for Jade and she loved it, her eyes were glued to the screen. Overall, the whole experience was great I love that Cineplex offers this, I highly recommend going with your little(s) I will certainly be back soon.

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