20 Things To Do With Your Toddler This Summer

Summer goes by way too fast in Canada so I don’t like spending a single day not doing something fun. Last year Jade was only a few months old around this time so we weren’t able to do much but this year shes a wild-spirited toddler with lots of energy! I plan on packing this summer full of fun and sun for my little one (wow that rhymes).

Summer Bucketlist:

  1. Zoo: I want to take Jade to the Toronto Zoo since she adores animals and I actually haven’t been there either.
  2. Beach Day: We have a local beach that is pretty unsatisfying that’s why I love driving up to Port Dover for beach days. I can’t wait to take Jade this year, last time I took her she was in my belly.
  3. Picnic: I plan on lots of these over the summer since our house is so close to many parks and the lake.
  4. Aquarium: I have been to Ripely’s Aquarium once before when I was pregnant with Jade and it was so fun I know she will love it.
  5. Hike: We have a lot of great hiking trails around us and now that Jade is walking so well now I can’t wait to take her exploring.
  6. Trampoline Park: We have already taken Jade here once so far and it was a blast! I highly recommend, especially if your kid(s) are as wild and spritely as Jade.
  7. Lunch Date: Jades a food lover just like her mama, one of my favorite things about summer is going to a restaurant that has an outdoor patio where you can bask in the sun while having a great meal.
  8. Camping: This is the first year we are taking Jade camping and I’m beyond excited. I always loved camping as a kid I want her to feel the same way (I also want to stuff my face with smores).
  9. Niagara Falls: My favorite thing about going down to the falls is walking up Lundys Lane. Quinn and I spent the night there last summer without Jade but this summer shes old enough to join and enjoy it!
  10. Park: So simple yet so fun for the kids.
  11. Festivals: We are so lucky to live so close to where many festivals are held. We plan on going to Sound of Music, Ribfest, Food Truck Festival, Buttertart Festival, and the Peach Festival.
  12. Pool/Splash Pad: This is the best thing to do to cool off on those unbearably hot days.
  13. Ice Cream Date: Theres no better date then an ice cream date on a blistering summer day!
  14. Plant a Garden: I have always adored flowers (probably why I have two giant tattoos of flowers) and I always call Jade my wildflower so this year I want to plant a flower garden together for some mommy + daughter bonding. I found my new favorite place in the world to get my plants called The Watering Can.
  15. Outdoor Movie Night: Junk food, cozy blankets, and baby snuggles all while watching a movie sounds like the perfect night to me!
  16. Have a Fire: Very eager for the summer nights cooking spider dogs on the fire and roasting smores or if you’re like me, burning smores.
  17. Buy a Sprinkler: A great way to cool off in the comfort of your backyard. My Jadey is a big water bug so I know this will be a big hit this summer.
  18. Boat Ride: Jade loved the boat ride around the 1000 Islands which I hope to do this summer aswell as take the ferry over to Toronto Island.
  19. Outdoor Finger Painting: Theres a reason I say outdoor finger painting is because I know it’s going to get real messy.
  20. Water Balloons: I know if we start filling up water balloons is definitely going to turn into a war between Quinn and I but it will be fun!

There are so many things I want to do with my family this summer I am thrilled. This is going to be one of the best summers yet.



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