Mother’s Day

I’ve been a little late on this post since poor Jadey has had croup. Shes had a lot of trouble breathing but thankfully she is starting to feel better.

Anyway, this Mothers Day was a special one since it happened to land on my birthday! All I wanted for my birthday was some sunshine since we have been so deprived of it but unfortunately, I got overcast with scattered showers.

My morning was great, I went out for breakfast with Jade, Quinn, my sister Sydni and my mom. We had mimosas and sangrias it was a really nice time, my first legal drinks. Quinn was disappointed I didn’t get carded and asked the waitress to card me to embarrass me, typical. Everyone always thinks I’m older then I am and having a baby sure helps. Sadly breakfast wasn’t too long since my sister had to catch her flight to Greece (lucky I know). I quickly opened my gifts from them and got spoiled with face masks, lotto tickets, a new outfit and more.

Later at home, I opened my gifts from Quinn and Jade and got absolutely spoiled. They gave me a ring from Pandora I was dying to have and an air fryer I wanted so badly for when I move out (if you don’t have one I highly suggest getting one they make the best sweet potato fries ever).

The rest of my day was pretty easy going. Quinn went to work and I spent the rest of my day playing with Jade. Since there was no one around I picked up Jade and myself the best chicken dinner from Mary Browns, gave Jade a bath and called it a night. Pretty boring 19th birthday.

Since having Jade I found that people forget about you. Birthdays and things like that are no longer a big deal and no one goes out of there way to make you feel special on your day anymore. I just want to remind people that moms are people too, they want to feel cared about, loved and special every once and a while too.


IG: Raisingalittlehuman

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