Top 10 New Mom Baby Gifts

When I was pregnant with Jade I was so lucky and got an unbelievable amount of stuff for her. She had so much stuff she didn’t even get to wear it all. All babies are different and all moms have different preferences but here’s a list of gifts I found so helpful as a new mom.

One: Clothes

Clothes are always a great option for a new mom but definitely size up. Jade had so many newborn clothes that she grew out of most of them before she even got to wear them. Also, most new mamas wanna do their newborn shopping and already have enough because who doesn’t love/go crazy picking out teeny tiny clothes. Having bigger clothes was a big help.

Two: Spit Up Blankets

I went through sooo many of these I couldn’t wash them fast enough. Babies R Us carries great packages for baby shower gifts.

Three: Teething Toys

Teething toys are a great gift because at some point all babies start teething. The best teethers I have are ones that you can pop in the freezer and ones from a small shop called Poppy+Peridot.

Four: Bath Seat

When I had Jade I had on my registry the Fisher Price 4 in 1 Sling n Seat Tub which was really great when she was a little baby since washing her in my sink was awkward for holding her. When she grew a little bigger and we put her in the bath we LOVED the Summer Infant Bath Seat I highly recommend that as a gift we got such good use out of it.

Five: Soothers

I know that some people are pro and against giving babies soothers but we loved them, anything to get a little bit of quiet. My favorite ones are the Philips AVENT Pacifier or the Ecopiggy Pacifier.

Six: Sleep Sack

Since I gave birth in the coldest of winter and of course newborns can’t sleep with blankets our sleep sack came in so handy for those cold winter nights. We got ours from Amazon Burts Bee’s Baby.

Seven: Baby Towel

Perfect for snuggling tiny babies after a bath and they look adorable with the little hoods on. Zoocchini Bath Towel.

Eight: Waterproof Mattress Cover

One of the greatest inventions I am so happy these exist or else Jades mattress would be destroyed. Since she started sleeping through the night really early on and even with waking her up to change her she still managed to pee right through her PJs a lot so these were so handy. Forty Winks Crib Sheet.

Nine: Activity Gym

This was one of my favorite gifts that we got to use a lot. Jade loved it for tummy time, lying on her back listening to the music and looking at the dangling toys and even when she got older when we made it into a little ball pit. We had the 5 in 1 Your Way Ball Play. For people wants a less “girly” play mat the Skip Hop Camping Cubs is adorable.

Ten: Portable High Chair

We have used this over and over and still continue to use it. It’s so convenient and easy to set up and bring anywhere we always keep in it the car just in case, you’ll be surprised the number of places you go that don’t have high chairs. We use Summer Infant Pop and Sit Portable Booster.

These are some of my favorite items we got for Jade but there is so much more. There are so many great items for babies nowadays to make parenting a little easier.


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