Whats in Jades Easter Basket

Even though Jade is only 14 months I still wanted to do something special for her for Easter. This year is her second Easter but shes still not quite old enough to grasp the hunting for eggs concept. Last year she was too young to get anything for besides a stuffed animal since she was only two months but now she’s older and very active so I bundled some of her favorite things together and made her a cute Easter basket.

What I Put in Jades Basket:

  • Crayons: You can never go wrong with crayons for a toddler.
  • Bubbles: Just like crayons, what toddler doesn’t love bubbles?
  • Easter Necklace: I don’t know about everyone else’s babes but Jade loves to put necklaces on and then waits for us to tell her how beautiful she looks and does it over and over (she’s such a girl). I got her necklaces from Dollarama that say Happy Easter.
  • Squishy Bunnies: These are really cute and fun, Jade loves to stretch them and all look at all the different colors.
  • Window Stickers: These are really fun they stick to your window and peel off without leaving any marks and even better there shaped like little chicks, eggs, and bunnies its adorable.
  • Stuffed Bunny: Even though she has 500 stuffed animals and doesn’t need anymore I couldn’t help myself but get her a cute little bunny holding a carrot.
  • Chocolate: How else can you celebrate Easter without a little bit of chocolate. I got Jade a small bunny shaped chocolate from my all time fav chocolate shop Walkers Chocolates (ps if you’re not from around here you can order online).
  • Book: Jade loves books just like her mama so I got her an Easter themes book called ” My Easter Basket”
  • Coloring book: If your little one is any life mine a coloring book is a great idea because we fly through them!
  • Bunny Ears: These were way too cute not to buy shes going to look adorable with them on.

All of the things in Jade’s Easter basket besides her chocolate were all from Walmart or Dollarama for all less than $4 each. I can’t wait to see her smile on Easter morning when she gets to play with all of the things in her basket!



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