Raising a Kind Human

One of the most important things when raising Jade is to raise her to be a kind person. There are so many negative people and bad in this world and I refuse to let her see that. There is only so much I can do but I am doing my best to shield her from the ugly things this world has to offer.

Having Jade has been a huge eye opener for me and has changed my outlook on the world greatly. I had heard the phrase ” No one is born evil we are taught it” many times but I had never thought much of it. It wasn’t until after I had Jade that I realized how incredibly true that is. There is nothing purer in this world than a child. They don’t care what color your skin is, or if your gay or straight, fat or thin, they simply see everyone as equals. It’s solely who they are surrounded by that makes them who they are and teaches them right and wrong, that’s why it is so important to surround your children with only good-hearted people. Unfortunately, there is only so much you can do, I wish I could everywhere with my daughter and be with her every second of every day to make sure no one is treating her wrong or teaching her wrong but that’s not possible. Eventually, she is going to have to go to school and she is going to learn from the teacher and her classmates and whatever their parents, grandparents, friends, etc have taught them. I wish I could protect her every second and I think that’s what I struggle most with being a mom. I constantly stress about sending her to daycare once my program starts because I know that no one is going to take care of her as great as I can and when I’m in school I’ll have no control on what she learns and picks up from others around her while she’s away from me, but it is something I will learn to cope with.

We treat babies and young children so well and show them so much love I always wonder if we treated people like we treat children if the world would flourish as much as I think it would. If we encourage people like we encourage a baby to walk or speak as kindly to people as we do children or give love to people as hard as we do to them, would the world be a better place?

I will never be able to get over how pure Jade’s heart is. For such a small little person she has the biggest heart. I have never been loved the way I’ve been loved by her,  saying its the best feeling in the world is an understatement. Her love is so pure and sweet she looks at me like I am the most amazing person in the world. She doesn’t care about the wrongs and rights I’ve done in my life she just loves me for solely being me, what can be better than that?

I am going to try my best to keep Jade’s heart as pure as it is now, her spirit as wild and her soul as free. Once Jade is older and all grown up, what I hope for the most is to be able to look at her and think “ya, I have successfully done it.”


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