Self Care

Self-care is something that is hard to do on a daily basis but even harder to do as a mom. For me, I struggle with the little voice in the back of my head telling me “don’t buy that shirt you can use that money to buy your daughter something” or “you shouldn’t be sitting down taking a break, go play with your daughter time flies too quickly.” I have to constantly remind myself that I matter too and taking care of me is just as important as taking care of her.

Besides Jade, self-care is one of my top priorities. All Jade really needs is a happy mom so I try my best to take care of me with the limited time and money that I have.

Little Things

Taking care of yourself doesn’t always have to mean doing big expensive things for yourself, it can be as simple as getting fresh air or taking a break from studying or cleaning while listening to your favorite song. Little things that take little time and little money that I like to do for myself at least a couple times a week are:

  • Face Masks: I absolutely love doing face masks, it’s so relaxing and I love the silky smooth feeling of my skin afterward. Some of my favorite masks are L’Oreal Pure ClayGlam Glow, and Sephora Collection face masks. My all-time favorite faces masks though are usually ones I find from little Asian shops and brands.
  • Listening to music: This is so simple but so helpful. I feel like I never have time to do the things I used to such as listening to music. I used to sit outside taking in the fresh air with my headphones in, eyes closed and now when I’m outside I’m usually chasing after my little one. I now treat myself to my favorite music when I’m cooking or cleaning and it uplifts my mood completely. Listening to your favorite song is so liberating, my top right now is Im With You by Vance Joy. I also highly suggest getting yourself a Google Home it makes everything so much easier it’s as simple as saying “Ok google play Vance Joy” without having to leave whatever I’m cleaning or cooking.
  • Go for a walk: Fresh air is key for me. I know that if I don’t go outside all day I feel lazy, tired and my mind just feels like mush. All through winter is usually when I feel the most down from the lack of sunlight and being stuck inside from the cold. Once Spring, Summer, and Fall hit that’s when I feel my best because I always make sure I make room in the day to enjoy outside.
  • Take your vitamins: Self-care isn’t just about doing things for your outside but you’re inside too. Ever since I started taking my vitamins which I pushed off for way too long, I started to feel so much better. I had more energy which made me happier and my skin started to look better. I take Balance and a multi-vitamin.
  • Ice coffee: If your not a coffee fan that’s ok, once and a while getting yourself your favorite drink is so nice, mine is the caramel iced macchiato from Starbucks. Indulging in your best-loved things can really be great self-care.

Medium Things:

Just doing little things for yourself is great but everyone deserves to treat themselves to more than just the “little things”. Everyone should treat themselves to the “medium things” at least once a month or once every couple of months.

  • Shopping: Shopping is so much fun but not always cheap. When I go shopping I always end up getting Jade stuff rather than myself but it’s important to let yourself get what you want once and a while. Although I LOVE shopping for Jade, I find I’m having to remind myself that I deserve to have things too.
  • Going out for dinner: Going out for food is one of my favorite things to do I am a major food lover, my favorite is going out or cheeseburgers or burritos. Having your top foods and getting out is such a good feeling.
  • Get your nails, hair or eyelashes done: I can not live without having my eyelashes done it’s my favorite treat to myself each month. I always get asked how I looked so good after giving birth and my answer always is eyelash extensions, they make everything better. I adore Prettymeup_ and _Tatbeauty they are the best lash artists out there.
  • Self Tan: I don’t know about you but tanning makes me feel so good and look good, it’s a win-win! I have tried a lot of different self-tanners but my all-time number one is St. Tropez.
  • Movie night: One of the best ways to spend the night is movie night whether it’s with your lover or your girls. Going to the store and stalking up on junk food is the best.
  • Beach day: Not just a regular local beach day because if your nearby beach is like mine in any way you want to steer clear from there. I like taking a road trip to Port Dover just over an hour away and stopping at an amazing ice cream shop on the way. Its always an amazing day there basking in the sun and indulging on fish and chips.

Bigger Things

There are lots of little and medium things you can do for self-care but everyone deserves the bigger things once and a while. Doing one or two of these things every year or two years is definitely a must.

  • Tattoo: I know tattoos aren’t for everyone but I really like them. I currently have four and usually around my birthday I like to treat myself to a birthday gift which usually ends up being a tattoo. So far I have a quote across my leg, roses up my hip, Jade’s birth date in roman numerals on the side of my wrist and my newest edition is peonies on my wrist (I’m a sucker for flowers).
  • Vacation: I know that going on vacation can get very pricey but I think every two years vacation is in desperate need. I usually end up going to Cuba since it is one of the cheaper options but still a great getaway and everyone knows that there’s no better way to take care of yourself then traveling.
  • Spa/Facial: Not only is this taking care of your body and super relaxing but it’s so good for your mental health. There is so much craziness in the world that you have to deal with on a day to day basis it’s so nice to just unwind.
  • Weekend getaway: These are the BEST! Sometimes you just need a mental break to get away from everything and being in a different environment can really help that.

Self-care is so important and being a mom taking care of someone else constantly can be mentally and physically draining and you always find yourself putting yourself on the back burner so its great to do these things to remind yourself you deserve to be cared for too and what better person to care for you than yourself.


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