Favorite Places to Shop

One of the best things about having a little girl is going shopping for her. I have so much fun picking out her clothes and dressing her if only my wallet loved shopping as much as I do!

  • One of my favorite places to shop when money is a little tight but still want to find adorable clothes I love to go to Once Upon a Child. Its a thrift store for children’s clothing and the best part is you can bring your child’s clothes that no longer fit and sell them there! Its a great store especially for those younger ages when they grow so fast that there’s no point in buying new clothes.
  • Another store I really like (especially there summer clothes) is Old Navy. They have the cutest everything but I especially love their rompers. What’s great about Old Navy is they always have great sales on and when you spend certain amounts you get Old Navy dollars towards your next purchase! I just bought Jade two rompers, a pair of shoes, a straw sun hat, a bathing suit, three t-shirts, a pair of jean shorts, two pairs of socks and two dresses for under $120.
  • My favorite place to get Jades Pjs is at Carters or Carters PJs at Costco. I really like their stuff because they have perfect cozy clothes for the winter nights and light material clothing for hot summer days. If you are buying stuff from Carters definitely size up I have always found their clothes run small.
  • One of my all-time favorite small businesses is IttyBittyBeanCo. They have the cutest clothes ever id spend every penny at this store if I could. Each thing has an amazing message and they have the most adorable Mommy & Me outfits which I’m a sucker for. On top of all that as if it could get more amazing, everything is organic and handmade! I can’t wait for my order to come in.
  • One small shop that not only has sweet things for your little bean but it also donates its profits to charity, how can it get any sweeter than that? Mtotoco is where I got one of my favorite onesies for Jade that says “Grow baby Grow” go check it out at the shop or its featured on my Instagram Raisingalittlehuman.
  •  Lastly, another fav store of mine is Zara. They have some really adorable clothes but my absolute favorite is their overalls. I got Jade the sweetest checkered overall dress for her birthday its amazing quality and she looks the cutest (as if she could get any cuter).

Shopping for my little sweetheart is so much fun but can get very expensive with the rate she grows! To save some money I like to size up on things and always keep my eye out for discount codes and sales!

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