Another Baby

Being a young mom a frequent question I get asked is “Are you going to have more kids?”  And my answer is the usual “I don’t know” because I can’t be bothered to go into depth about it with anyone so here are my answers.

I have mixed feelings about having more children. Since I will be going off to University this September and will be there for at least 4 years that means at the very least there would be a 4 year age gap between Jade and our next baby since I MUST be finished school before I have another baby. Four years doesn’t sound that big of a gap right? Wrong, it’s not like I am going to be getting a job, buying a house and be financially stable for another child the day I graduate. It’s going to take time finding a job and saving money for a home for our children which will make the age gap even bigger. Another reason I’m not too sure about having more children is that as soon as Jade is older I would love to travel and see the world. I have been working so hard to raise Jade I think this mama deserves to treat herself to a nice long vacation. Before having Jade I had always dreamed of living in Italy, Bali, Newzeland for a few months at a time and since I will be 35 when Jade is 18 and going off to school ill be able to travel more and if I were to have another child that would push it back even farther.

On the contrary, to this, I would also love to have another child for a few reasons. I have a sister who is my best friend and would love for Jade to have a strong bond with a sibling just like I do. My sister is one of my best friends in the world and I know that if I don’t want to talk to my mom and dad my sister is always there. Another reason I want another child is that I really enjoyed being pregnant. It might sound like a silly reason but I felt so at peace with myself. I loved watching my belly grow, seeing my baby at ultrasound appointments and I LOVED feeling those little kicks. Of course, there were downsides to pregnancy but I overall had a really easy and smooth going pregnancy and birth so I would love to experience that again. Lastly, being a mom and raising Jade has been the best thing I’ve ever done. I have loved watching her grow from a newborn to now a toddler and its been such an unreal experience id love to have this experience again. My daughter has given so much unconditional and pure love how could I not want another one and get double the love?

Therefore my answer to if I am going to have kids is still I don’t know. I definitely want to be financially stable and have a home before we welcome more children. We will have to see where Quinns and I’s path leads us and see where we will be in the future before we can make this decision to add another addition to our family.


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