Jades Winter ONEderland

After many weeks of planning and preparing, I can say I’m really happy with how successful Jades 1st birthday turned out. I had stressed over making her party perfect for weeks it was such a relief that it went so well and everyone had a great time. Jades birthday was on February 10th which happened to land on a Sunday which was a great day to throw her party. For her party, I did a Winter Wonderland theme with pink, silver and white color schemes. We had about 35 people come and it was great to be able to surround Jade with people that love her on her very special first birthday.

I kept having people say to me ” it’s her first birthday shes not going to remember it why are you going so extra?” My answer:

  1. I am extra
  2. She is a queen she deserves the best every single birthday
  3. Jade is lucky enough to not only to have all her grandparents but almost all her great-grandparents still alive, this is a special party to be able to have them there

I had lots of help with Jade’s party whether it was helping buy decorations, making food or just lending a helping hand with setting up. This was such a special day for not only Jade but Quinn and I celebrating parenting for a full year. I can’t believe the time went by so fast, it felt like just yesterday she was being put on my chest and I was holding her for the first time, kissing her for the first time, and becoming a mom for the first time.  I couldn’t believe a full year has gone by loving her and even better a full year of her loving me unconditionally. I am so lucky to be able to love her forever.

One of my favorite things that I did for Jades birthday is to get everyone that came to the party to write a letter to Jade to be put in a time capsule to be opened on her 18th birthday. They could write whatever they wanted whether it was a memory, advice or a prediction what she would be like. My favorite thing about this is that Jade will get to open a letter from people that have passed on and see all the different memories and predictions people have.



Jades birthday was so much fun and she was so spoiled as usual. Everyone came to the party around 1:30 and we ate, talked, listen to music and had a great time. Quinn and I’s families and friends are rarely together so it was really nice to have everyone there. I had my very good friend Owen who is also the best photographer I know to come and photograph Jade’s party (Check out info down below). The pictures turned out amazing as usual and it was great not stressing trying to take pictures of everything.

Jade had a great time dancing to Baby Shark, being surrounded by loved ones but most of all eating food and devouring her delicious birthday cake the Quinns family friend made. By the end of the party, she was pooped and passed out in my arms.


We brought all her gifts home and opened them up together and to no surprise, she was spoiled as always. She got a 3 in 1 bike, a car, a wagon, clothes, toys, shoes, books and much more. After settling down from a busy day, Quinn, Jade and I were all exhausted and finished off a fantastic day curled up in bed and falling asleep. It was an amazing day spent with loved one’s celebration our baby girls 1st birthday.


Owen Mertens Photography


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