Valentines Day

A lot of people say Valentine’s day is just a money grab and although that may be true I still love Valentines. This year was Jade’s second Valentines, last year she was only 4 days old. In the morning I dressed Jade in her adorable Valentines outfit from Children’s Place and of course took a few pictures of her before we headed to the gym.


After a great workout, I took Jade home and surprised her with a little valentines gift we picked up from Walmart. We got her a little Valentines day stuffed animal which she adored for 5 seconds before moving onto another toy (good think it was only $5). Later in the day while Jade was napping I made her a super special Valentines Day themed lunch. I used my heart shaped cookie cutter and made peanut butter and jelly sandwich, then I used a knife and cut cucumbers into little hearts and to finish it off I made chocolate covered strawberries for dessert. Even though she still doesn’t understand and food is food to her I still had lots of fun making it and treating her.


Throughout the day we cuddled and played waiting for Jade’s daddy to get off work. When he finally made it over he spoiled me with my favorite chocolate from Walkers Chocolate (if you haven’t tried their mint melt away its a must) and flowers. After that, we went out and picked up food at one of my all-time favorite places Five Guys. It was a really nice day together as a family, especially cuddling in my bed together before Jades bed time. There is no other way id rather spend Valentine’s day than with the two loves of my life.






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