Traveling​ With a Baby

After our vacation from hell, I thought it would be a good idea to write a post about tips and tricks while traveling with a baby.


-Pack your diaper bag/carry on full of snacks, toys, sippy cup and depending on how long the flight is, bring extra full bottles (4-hour flight we brought 2 bottles).

-PUT YOUR FORMULA IN YOUR CARRY ON. This is a huge one just in case your luggage gets lost like ours this is definitely something you do not want to go to a foreign country without.

-Pack a bathing suit, sunscreen and change of clothes in your carry on. We didn’t think of doing this since our bags were so full of things to distract Jade with on the plane.

-Bring small plastic bags to put diapers in that way you can put stinky diapers in there and not in your rooms garbage bin leaving it to stink up the room and when your out and about there’s not always garbage bins around to toss the diaper.

-Download a few of your kid’s favorite shows onto your phone, we downloaded The BackyardagainsPaw Patrol and a couple movies off of Netflix.

-Prepare yourself for foreign food. Cuba definitely does not have world-renowned food and will not always agree with you or your babies stomach.

-Bring a good stroller that’s easily compactable.

-As soon as we arrived and settled in our room we set up a diaper changing station which was really handy I would highly recommend doing this.

-Call the hotel before you leave and arrange for them to set up a crib in your room.

-Bring an infant carrier, it is not easy walking the beach with a stroller.

-Bring a crib sheet for the hotel crib for sanitary reasons, you never know how many babies have peed/pooped/coughed/sneezed or puked on it.



Packing was extremely stressful for a few reasons

  1. It was our first family trip traveling with Jade
  2. We booked our flight 4 hours before take off (I blame ourselves for that one)
  3. Neither of us had ever traveled with a baby

I highly recommend packing at least three days before your trip that way you can make sure you have everything you need and still have lots of time to go out and grab things if needed.

Things that we packed:

Although we didn’t get to use many of these things on our trip since our luggage was lost and somehow made do without them I still highly recommend bringing all of these things with you for a stress-free trip!

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