Jades First Christmas

I can say without a doubt that this Christmas was, in fact, the best and most magical Christmas I had ever had. I always thought that Christmas was the best when you were a kid but it gets even better when you have kids.

We started off the morning opening presents at my house and of course, Jade was spoiled off the get-go from her daddy and myself. Jades Grandpa (my dad) and her Auntie Sydni (my sister) were also there in the morning watching Jade tare through all the wrapping paper, she now has the nickname “Jade the destroyer.” My heart felt so full to have my family around the Christmas tree watching my little girls eyes light up and face glow as she got to each present. I loved watching her, she has this pureness to her that makes my legs weak and so much love that radiates out of her little heart.

After opening presents at my house we proceeded to go to Quinn’s house and open presents with Papa (Quinn’s dad) Grandma (Quinn’s mom) Auntie Riley and Auntie Brady (Quinns sisters). Once again Jade was spoiled by everyone and I was able to sit back and enjoy every moment of it which is all I could ever want. After that, I headed home to pick up my dad and sister to go see my Grandma for a bit before rushing to my Nanas for dinner where we would have dinner with my Mom, Sister, Nana, Papa, cousins, and Uncle. After spending time with my Grandma it was off to my Nanas where we tore through mounds of presents and enjoyed each other’s company before stuffing our faces with my Nanas scrumptious turkey dinner. As if the day didn’t sound long enough after dessert Jade and I drove back to Quinn’s house where she got even more gifts from his Grandma, Aunt, Uncle and family friends. It was such a crazy busy day but I wouldn’t have had it any other way. We had so much fun around our family and I could not have been happier. Jades first Christmas was a success and I can’t wait for the many more to come!


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