Jades First Halloween

With Halloween being such a big thing in my family, I struggled to find the perfect costume for Jade and me. I bounced back and forth with ideas on what to be, first, it was Lilo and Stitch then skeletons, pumpkins, wonder women, Ghostbusters and the list go on and on. I decided that I would just go check out Party City to see what I could find. We ended up being there for over an hour trying on costumes but I just could not find the perfect one.

A few days passed and still couldn’t come up with a costume so I went to check out the pop-up store Spirit and wow is that store cool and it has every costume you can possibly think of. After searching around looking at the costumes there it was…..


Sulley from Monsters Inc. It was everything I was looking for, something warm and of course adorable. There was no doubt in my mind that this was the perfect costume for Jades first Halloween. Now all I had to figure out was what am I going to be Boo or Mike Wazowski?


After lots of thinking I decided that I was going to go as Boo. For my costume, I wore a pink shirt from Bluenotes purple tights from Party City and my white Converse. it was a super easy costume all I had to do was wear those three things and put my hair in pigtails and I was Boo!


Not to my surprise Jade had so much fun trick or treating with her mommy and Daddy. As soon as she got a big chocolate bar she refused to let go of it, the smart girl must have known mommy and daddy were going to eat it! It was so much fun taking Jade trick or treating I can’t wait until next year!

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