Family Traditions


Anyone that knows me knows that fall in my favorite time of year. There are so many things I love about fall such as when the green leaves turn yellow, red and orange, the crisp autumn air, the crunch sound the leaves make when you step on them, pumpkin spice everything and cozy sweaters but most of all Halloween.


Halloween is huge in my family but most of all to me and my dad, I must have got it from him. Once October 1st hits I am Halloween and pumpkin spice everything! Since before I could remember I have been obsessed with Halloween and everything that comes along with it such as the trick or treating, dressing up, that spooky feeling, carving pumpkins and decorating your house as scary as possible. Every single year we pull out our many Halloween decorations and turn our house into the spookiest one on the street. Its so much fun decorating together and even better than I am able to now include Jade into this family tradition. Even at only 8 months old I know she’s going to be a Halloween freak just like her mama.

Image result for haunted house cartoon



Pumpkin picking is one of my favorite traditions. Every year we always go to Frootogo. This year I brought Jade on her first pumpkin picking trip and she absolutely loved it! Jumping on hay, standing on pumpkins and eating short bread! Frootogo is home of the best pumpkin shaped shortbread and hearing the “mmmm” sound coming from Jade she definitely agrees! Image result for frootogo


Another tradition that we have been doing forever is carving our pumpkins on October 30th devils night. We always carve our pumpkins then because that is the night people go around smashing pumpkins. Each of us has a pumpkin from when we went pumpkin picking and get creative carving our pumpkins. We always lay newspaper out and bowls to put the pumpkin seeds in to roast them. If you haven’t roasted pumpkin seeds I highly suggest you try it! I absolutely love doing this its such a great family experience and I can’t wait until Jade can carve her own pumpkin instead of trying to eat the pumpkin guts!

Image result for pumpkin cartoon

Being able to do these traditions with my own family now is the best feeling in the world!  I can’t wait to keep making memories every year with these traditions.

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