Family Weekend

With Quinn working full time and me going back to work, finding time for a full weekend of family fun isn’t always easy but this weekend we got lucky! I can say without a doubt family time is the best time. The smile on Jades face the whole weekend was priceless.

Friday night after work Quinn came over to my place. We spent the night cuddled up in my bed with Jade laughing and smiling together and just enjoying family time. Jade was being a little bugger to get to sleep in her crib and ended up falling asleep between the two of us. Nothing feels better than wrapping your arms around each other with a little human that’s a part of both of you in between.

On Saturday we drove to the Milton Fall Festival together where they had there first annual Butter Tart Festival. It was difficult to find parking but we ended up finding an amazing spot. It ended up being a waste of such a good parking spot because we ended up walking around the entire festival to find the entrance when we could have just walked around the corner from our parking spot, Jade enjoyed the walk though! Once we finally got in we took jade to where all the animals were. She smiled and giggled at all of the horses, goats, chickens, cows and she even pet a cute little skunk. We ended up walking all around the festival looking at all the vendors and bought Jade a cute rose gold headband from Carms Charmz I am a huge sucker when it comes to rose gold. After walking around we stopped at the food trucks and got hot dogs, deep fried pickles and fries, Jadey loves her fries. After barely finishing our food we walked around more enjoying out family time at the festival and walking all the food off that we had just eaten. Finally, it was the moment I had been waiting for the entire festival…… BUTTER TART TIME! By the time we had got to the butter tarts, there was a massive line and only one guy left with butter tarts. When we finally got to the front of the line lucky enough we were the last people that got a plain butter tart. We bought four butter tarts from Tartistry and I can say without a doubt that these are the best butter tarts I have ever had in my life. We got plain, pecan, blueberry, and white chocolate almond, we are already planning a trip to Etobicoke for more! After we got our delicious tarts we headed home from our day of fun and spent the night watching movies in bed and eating pizza. What a great way to end a great day of family fun.

On Sunday morning Quinn, Jade and I were getting ready to go see my sister play soccer in Toronto. Quinn went home to shower and change his clothes while I fed Jade and packed a bag for our mini road trip. After finally packing everything up and getting Jade into her car seat I went to turn my car and nothing happened. I kept trying and trying but nothing would happen. I got out of the car to call Quinn and took Jade out of her car seat and as soon as I did she puked all down my shirt, all over my sweater and vest and in my hair. I called Quinn and he rushed over and charged my battery while I changed my clothes and drenched myself with dry shampoo and perfume. We got in my car and as we were driving the AC and music kept cutting out so we drove to his house and as soon as we turned the car off my car wouldn’t turn back on. Since we weren’t able to go see my sister we planned to go to the street fair on Appleby line but unfortunately, Quinn couldn’t come he had to go pick me up a new battery and install it. While Quinn was working away Quinns parents, Jade and I walked down to the street fair and had a great time. We walked around looking at the vendors and enjoying the beautiful Saturday afternoon. When we got back to Quinn’s house Quinn had just gotten back and installed my battery and we headed back to my place to end this wonderful family weekend with a family cuddle.

IG: @Raisingalittlehuman


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