Glam On A Budget

Before I had my daughter I would get a spray tan every couple weeks, get lash extensions every few weeks and purchase high end make up from Sephora. Now that I have a daughter my money has other priorities but that doesn’t change the fact that I still love to feel glamorous.

Here are my tips and tricks to glam yourself up on a budget:


 I am an absolute sucker for having golden glowing skin, what girl isn’t? I could no longer spend my $33 every two weeks on spray tans so how am I supposed to get that just got back from vacation Carribian glow? That’s when I found two of my favorite self-tanning products.

  1. St. Tropez is one of my favorite tanners if you want a dark golden tan. It is so easy to apply, smells great and you see results instantly. To get the bed results I like to shower and exfoliate with my Frank Body coconut coffee body scrub and then apply my tan. The exfoliant leaves my skin so soft and adding the tan gives me that extra dark golden glow. I get my tanner at Shoppers Drug Mart for $60 and there is a tanning glove you can purchase as well which I highly recommend buying to help the tanner go on smoother. $60 may seem like a lot to drop on tanner but I get so many uses out and lasts months.
  2. Jergens Natural Glow Instant Sun is another tanner that I really enjoy. This tanner I like to use when I was a soft natural glow. It is super quick to apply and you see results instantly and is perfect if you want a little glow when you’re on the go. I buy mine at Shoppers Drug Mart for just $10. To give my face a little bit of sun I also use Jergens Natural Glow Moisturizer which I also get from Shoppers Drug Mart for $10. It is such a great price to pay for a natural glow that gives you that extra golden dazzle.


There are a few tricks and dupes I’ve learned to keep my make up budget cheap while still being able to glam myself up.

  1. Foundation: I have always been a die-hard Lancome Ultra Wear lover because of its amazing coverage but its $57. There are a few things I like to do to save money with my foundation. I still like to but my Lancome Ultra Wear foundation but I like to mix it with my Loreal Paris Foundation which is only $15 at Shoppers. By doing this it helps to make my more expensive foundation last longer thus saving me money. Another foundation that I really like is Mabelline Fit Me Foundation. It has amazing lasting coverage and can be found at Shoppers for only $10.
  2. Eyeliner: My favorite eyeliner is the Still Stay All Day Waterproof Eyeliner from Sephora. This eyeliner is so amazing but is $30 and if you’re like me who wears eyeliner every day it can go really quickly. That’s why I like to use my Stila eyeliner to outline my wing and fill it in my with my Revlon Colourstay Liquid Liner which is so amazing it lasts all day and is only $10. A dupe for the Stila eyeliner that I also use is the Revlon ColourStay Liquid Eye Pen that I use with the Revlon liquid liner and it looks so amazing while only spending $18 for both at Walmart while getting long-lasting use.
  3. Mascara: My favorite mascara that makes my lashes longer and fuller is the Mabelline NewYork Lash Sensational Mascara. This is a must when it comes to mascara and it is only $7 from Walmart.
  4. Fake Eyelashes: As much as I love getting my eyelashes done I couldn’t pay $120 for them and $60 every couple weeks for a fill. What I loved most about lash extensions was the fullness and length that it gives and how glamorous I felt so I thought to myself how can I still have the glamorous feeling while staying on a budget? I wasn’t very good at lashes that you applied with glue and even those are $15+ and you only get a couple uses out of them. That’s when I came across ARDELL Magnetic Lashes they are one of my favorite products. They come in lots of different lengths from casual to dramatic and the best part about them is they last so long! I buy new ones every few months from Walmart for only $19 a pack. They are tricky to put on the first few times but after that, they are so easy to put on and worth every penny!


There are so many great skin products but they can get extremely pricey. Here are a few of my favorite brands and dupes.

  1. Moisturizer: Aveeno Daily Moisturizing is a product that I use every single day before I put my make up on and later at night when I take it off. I see no reason to splurge on high-end moisturizer Aveeno is amazing and keeps my skin hydrated and soft. Only  $10 for a big 532ml bottle at Walmart and Shoppers Drug Mart.
    Face Masks: I love face masks just as much as the next girl but they can get very expensive. I really enjoy the Glam Glow SuperMud Treatment mask but $75 for a small jar of product isn’t in my budget. A dupe for the Glam Glow mask that I really like is the Loreal Pure Clay mask. It leaves my skin so fresh and clean while minimizing the look of my pores.
  2. Toner: Finding a great toner for a good price isn’t an easy thing but I finally found Breath of Fresh Air from Lush. I use this every morning to even out my skin tone, take oil off my face and a huge bonus is it is so refreshing. All of this for only $11!

Doing all of these things have helped me save so much money while still feeling glamorous. Every mama deserves to dazzle and its even better when you can do it on a budget!

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