Weight Loss After Pregnancy

Throughout your pregnancy there is always one thing on the back of your mind “How am I going to lose this baby weight and how am I going to lose it fast? Although I still have a ways to go to reach my goal I was back to my pre-baby weight within a month, yes I said a month. I’m not going to lie you can lose baby weight fast but it takes much longer for your loose skin to go back.

Tips and tricks I used to lose my baby weight:

-POSTPARTUM GURDLE!!!! This did absolute wonders for me and I would highly recommend getting one. I bought mine off of Amazon: Postpartum Gurdle. It was super cheap and took over a month to come but what can you expect it came from Asia. The sizes are also Asian sizes so order way larger then you are, for example, I weighed 160lbs when I was pregnant and was 130lbs before I was pregnant and I ordered an XXL.

-EAT!! But eat well. Having a newborn and even now having a 7-month old I always find myself forgetting to eat and then realizing I’m starving and wanting something quick but resisting those urges helps drop the baby weight. Instead of eating a quick cookie grab an apple instead. If you are having a hard time finding time to cook the easiest way I found is putting something in the crockpot and it is ready by the time its dinner time.

-Lots and lots of walks. Those dreadful 6 weeks after giving birth is the worst there are very minimal things that you can do but I got out walking as much as I could. No excuses if you have a winter baby like I did, its as easy as going to the mall to walk around or even the grocery store.

-Once the 6 weeks are up, try your best to get to the gym at least two times a week! I was completing grade 12 while having a newborn it is definitely possible to find the time.

Just doing these few things helped me get back to my pre-baby weight in such a short amount of time.

Before & After


9 months vs 7 months postpartum


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