How We Came Up With A Name

Coming up with the name of our baby took a lot longer than I ever expected it to. When I was pregnant and found out I was having a baby girl I came up with a list of my favourites and narrowed it down.

Top Names:





(Yes I do like when people are named after seasons)

Out of ll those names my favourite name that I was almost 100% sure I was going to name her was Autumn. I always hated telling people the names I was thinking because everyone always had an opinion. When I would tell people that I was thinking of naming her Autumn I would either get “That’s such a beautiful name” or “You can’t name a winter baby Autumn,” my response always was “I’m the one giving birth to this baby if I wanna name her Ham Sandwich I will.” That being said if anyone tells you the name of there baby don’t say anything other then something positive, your opinion will most likely be irrelevant and annoy them.

Once I gave birth I kept looking at her and as much as I loved the name Autumn it just didn’t seem to suit her. I spent the rest of the day on Google searching up different names. Later when Quinn came back to the hospital we were discussing names but couldn’t agree on one, whenever one would say a name the other person would already know somebody with that name. The only thing that I was certain of was that her middle name was going to be Sydni named after my sister.

We continued to say names back and forth and then Quinn made a joke “let’s name her Blossom, that was her name would be Blossom Sydni like Blossom City the Chinese food place so we can get free Chinese food for life,” thats exactly why you dont leave men in charge of picking baby names. After Quinn went home all night we texted back and forth but still couldnt come up with a name for her. So many people kept asking “Whats her name?” but I had no answer.

The next morning it was time for me to take her home and the nurses asked what her name was but we still hadnt come up with one yet. I ended up taking her home nameless. Through the day we kept trying to figure out a name for her but no luck. She went without a name for not one, not two but THREE days! That night Quinn and I both sent each other lists and I woke up in the morning to his list. I noticed thatboth of our lists had Jade on it. I asked him “What about Jade?” and he really liked as well as his family and mine. Thats when we finally decided her name was Jade and I couldnt be happier I adore her name and so many people compliment her name when I tell them.

I frequently get asked if I had anther girl what name would I pick? Its hard to say since it all depends on what they look like but names I really like at the moment are




Another question I get often is “Why does Jade have your last name?” I decided that she would have my last name for a couple of reasons

  1. I wasnt sure if Quinn was going to stick around so I decided to play it safe and give her mine
  2. We arent married

If we were to get married I would change my last name and give Jade the choice to change hers but that would be up to her.

Looking back I still cant believe it took us three days to giver her a name, I just wanted it to be perfect since a name is such a huge deal but I couldnt be happier with what we picked. Jade Sydni Hill.



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