Mom Tip: Teething

Teething is a brutal thing to deal with and there is no way to completely take away the pain but there are remedies and toys to lessen the pain. Some of the natural remedies that I have learned is rubbing vanilla extract on the gums. Vanilla has a natural numbing agent which helps to numb the gums. Another thing that I like to do is wet a cloth and put it in the freezer long enough that it is still maluable.

Teething toys that I have found helpful are:

Mini Cooler Teether and Clip

I like this teether because it is easy for babies to hold, it clips onto anything such as their shirt and it freezes fast.

Raz-Berry Teether

This is a great teether because it is ribbed which babies enjoy since it is massaging their sore gums.

Cookie Teether

This is one of my favourites, this teether is so cute and easy to bring everywhere. It clips easily to everything and the cookie is ribbed giving the massage feeling when the babies chew on it which eases the gum pain.

Skip Hop Rattle Moon

I really like this teether because not only is it a ribbed teether it is also a plush toy. This teether/toy attaches to the stroller and car seat which is great because she can easily grab at it anytime we’re out and keeps her distracted.

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