3D Ultrasound

One of the best moments of my pregnancy was seeing my baby girls face for the first time. When I first saw that little face I was overwhelmed with so many emotions. I felt excited, scared and so much love for this little girl that was soon to be in my arms. As the technician put the ultrasound goo on my belly and was sliding the tool around my heart was thumping out of my chest I was beyond nervous to see her but all of that disappeared immediately when I saw her. She had the sweetest little nose, beautiful full lips and ten fingers and toes (yes I counted). I had never seen anything so sweet and pure. Unfortunately, it was hard to get a good picture of her since she was pressed up right against my placenta, I even saw her lick the placenta as we were watching her move around. I had my 3D ultrasound done at Tiny Hearts which was such a wonderful experience because of what a beautiful place it is. They have a huge room where your ultrasound is done with two large couches which is great so that you can bring family with you to enjoy this invigorating experience. As I laid on the ultrasound table they dimmed the lights, warmed the goo and turned the large flat screen on so we could get a good view of my angel. Although getting a 3D ultrasound can be quite pricey I do highly suggest getting one, it is such a beautiful moment being able to see your little one and if you are like me dying to have a sneak peek this is a great way.


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