Whats In My Hospital Bag?

Looking back now I definitely overpacked my hospital bag, but who doesn’t when it’s their first baby? My hospital bag is now Jades diaper bag that I got as a gift which was from Babies R Us. I got the Carters pack it all tote diaper bag in grey. I love this bag because it has so many compartments to put things in and all moms know how important it is to have a big bag to fit all of your babies this.

What I brought to the hospital:

-Deodorant Lady Speed Stick

-Shampoo&Conditioner Pantene


-Toothbrush & Tooth Paste Crest

-Formula Nestle Good Start (just in case)

-Headphones Apple


-Lots of cheap underwear that wouldn’t matter if it got ruined Walmart


-Fuzzy socks

-Going home outfit for me

-Diapers Pampers NB

-Wipes Pampers Wipes

-Diaper cream Penaten

-Pjs for JadeBabies R Us

-Going home outfit for Jade (Mittens, Onesie, Pants, Sweater, Hat, Booties)Babies R Us

-Pads (Lots)Playtex

-Hair elastic

-Car seat Graco

Looking at all of this stuff that I had brought I only used very few. The only things I ended up using was deodorant, wipes, diapers, going home outfit for the both of us, Jade’s PJs, hair elastic, pads and car seat. I did lots on what to bring to the hospital but ended up barely using any of it I basically lived in my hospital robe. So many articles suggested bringing a book, games or headphones but let me tell you that you might as well take a nap because that will be the last good sleep you will have for a while!

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