I Fear For My Daughter

“It’s a girl” is supposed to be exciting news when finding out the gender of your baby so why did I feel fear? This pure and sweet baby girl was soon to come out of me and enter into this cruel world. Soon at an age too young, she would feel the uncomfortable stares from men old enough they could be her grandfather. Soon her education will be disrupted on a blistering hot day when she is sent home because of her shoulders in her tank top is distracting a boys learning. Soon she will be on a peaceful walk when she is startled by a man blaring his horn at her. Soon she will enter a world where a man will get the job position over her even when she deserved it more. Soon she will be judged and shamed by what she wears not only by men but women too. Soon what she chooses to wear will make her a slut or a prude. Soon she will look at herself in the mirror and pick out every little thing wrong with her because society painted an unrealistic expectation for her. Soon she will pluck her eyebrows, put on makeup and dye her hair to meet societies standards. Soon men would look at her as an object, a conquest, a piece of meat, but that’s my girl, my heart, the love of my life she is so much more then what they will see when they look at her. Soon this sweet girl was going to come out of my belly and enter a cruel world where I could no longer keep her safe from these things. I fear for my daughter but I shouldn’t have to fear these things. This needs to change. And I will do this my raising her to love herself just as much as I do. I will teach her that she is more then she maybe be perceived for she is a lion, a leader, a women, and nothing is stronger then that.

One thought on “I Fear For My Daughter

  1. You latest blog, “I fear for my daughter”, is so beautifully written and expresses the thoughts that so many of us have, as women, in a man’s world. Hopefully, by Jade’s time, things will be better. Your blog certainly goes a long way to helping this situation.

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