How I Hid My Pregnancy For So Long

Many people must be wondering “how on earth did you hide your pregnancy from everything for almost 6 months!” It was a lot simpler then it sounds. For most people that have their first baby, it takes longer for them to start showing then people who have already had babies. But as I was getting further and further along once I hit that 5-month mark that’s when I started to really notice myself showing and 6 months was when I really popped. I hid my pregnancy by always wearing sweaters, baggy clothes, cardigans and I would always keep my coat on (yes it got very hot). I would also always keep my arms in front of my belly or my bag whenever I stood up in class or was walking down the hall etc. Eventually, I was just getting so sick of hiding it I couldn’t take it anymore. When I finally told people I was so happy when I finally did a weight was lifted off of my shoulders.


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