How I Told Everyone

I was extremely nervous for people to find out I was pregnant. I got into my head that it would be worse if people knew, that they would make things harder then it already is. I hid my pregnancy for so long ( until I was 26 weeks) all I could think of was all the awful things people were going to say about me, people were going to treat me differently, this is going to make my situation even harder but I was so wrong. Everyone was so amazing. How I told everyone was I had a picture of my belly and an ultrasound and posted it on Instagram (pic below) My phone blew up. I had people calling me, texting me, snapping me and everyone was so kind saying congratulations and that I was going to be a great mom. People always asked me how I was doing, constantly offered support, people would always grab my stomach to feel Jade everyone was just amazing. I’m sure people definitely said things behind my back I didn’t expect anything less but from all the love and support people showed I couldn’t be more grateful.

FullSizeRender (4).jpg

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