How I Told My Parents&Sister

There was no easy way of telling them I knew that but I can say that my way was probably the easier but the most cowardly. I was so nervous to tell them I waited 5 and a half months!! I hid it from them for that long.

How I told my sister: I told my sister (Sydni) before I told my parents. I don’t know why I didn’t tell her sooner she’s my best friend it was just difficult since she was living in Kingston it’s not something you wanna say over FaceTime. My sister had come home for the weekend for a couple of days and I wanted to tell her all weekend but didn’t know how to get it out I was so nervous. Sydni was getting her stuff ready to leave to go back to Kingston and I knew I just had to get it out. I was sitting in my room on my bed and she walked in and a patted the bed for her to come to sit. She looked at me weird and I just say there looking at her trying to get the words out. I couldn’t. So I grabbed the picture of the ultrasound (below) I had and showed her the picture, her reaction was not something I expected. She looked at me and said “you got this off google images” I laughed and said no I didn’t and showed her in the picture on the screen it said my name. She was so shocked she didn’t believe it was real she started to cry and I started to laugh because when I get into serious situations I don’t know what to do other than laugh. She was crying and my dad came downstairs and wondered why she was crying. We quickly made something up but I could tell he knew something was up.

How I told my dad: I told my parents separately since they are divorced. I’m not proud of the way I told my parents but I just couldn’t face to tell them in person. I was going up to Kingston for Thanksgiving weekend to visit my sister and my mom was driving me. Before I left I wrote s note to leave for my Dad explaining to him that I was 5 months pregnant and that I’m so sorry and that I was having a tough time. I was so nervous the leave the note I almost didn’t but when my mom was there to pick me up I put the note on the table in the living room where I knew he would see it and left. My heart was pounding I knew he got home at 6:00 that night and as soon as it hit 6:00 I was panicking. I couldn’t show that I was panicking in the car so I turned my head towards the window listening to music while my hands shook and a few tears went down my face. My sister knew I left the note and was waiting for a call from my dad. He didn’t end up seeing the note he was sitting in the backyard having a beer with his now former girlfriend and called. My sister stupidly made it obvious that something was up when she realized he didn’t see the note yet and asked to speak to his girlfriend. She told her to go inside and look at the note and she read it and brought it out to my dad. Sydni texted me and told me he read it. My heart was pounding I was shaking and I was holding back from bursting out in tears I was so nervous. I didn’t want to disappoint my dad or for him to think different of me. I asked her as he said and she said I’ll just tell you when you get here, I asked her if she was shitting me, this is what I had been waiting for for so long I couldn’t wait any longer. She told me that he loved me very much and that he was there to support me for whatever I wanted to do. I got a text from him while I was in the car saying “I love you Tay Tay” a tear fell from my face. I was so relieved but I knew I still had to go home and face him. I was so scared to go home and see him in person but as soon as I walked through the door he gave me a long long hug. I can’t thank my dad enough for how much support and love he gave me through this whole experience from coming to doctors appointments to painting Jades room. I never know how to thank people or explain how appreciative I am or if he realizes how much from the bottom of my heart that I love him for everything he has done and doing for Jade and I and how much it has meant to me. He made this experience much easier and I’ll never be able to thank him enough for it.

How I told my mom: When I came back from Kingston it was about a week after I told my mom. I wrote her a note and when I was walking home from school I dropped it off in her mailbox. I was waiting for a text or call or something from either her or my sister but nothing. She didn’t see the note. Two days passed and she didn’t look in her mailbox. It was floodlight (a football game) at my high school and finally, she says the note while I was at the pre-party. My sister called me and told me that she saw it and she wasn’t angry. Both my parents said the only thing they were upset about was that I had gone through all of this alone for so long and they wish they could have helped. My mom sent me an extremely sweet text telling me she loved me and was there for me and it made me feel really good and I love her lots for that. I appreciated the support from my parent so much and how much they wanted to be involved.

I wish I had told my family sooner they made the whole crazy experience much better and it felt so amazing to have there love and support when I really really needed it. They are amazing people.

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