How I Told My Best Friends

I waited a long time to tell anyone I was so nervous what people would think of me, I even thought that maybe they wouldn’t want to be friends me anymore.

How I told Dayna: Dayna and I were sitting in international business and sitting in the hallway with our friend Ben doing nothing as usual. I was about 4 and a half months pregnant and I thought it was time I had told somebody. We were sitting in the hallway and I told her I had to tell her something but later. Of course Ben wanted to know what the big secret was too but I told him a little later. It was the Terry Fox walk that day and they were calling people down my grade to go on the walk. When they called downgrade 12 Dayna and I snuck out different doors and we were standing outside and she was waiting for me to say it but I didn’t really know how to get the words out I was so nervous. I couldn’t think of what to say she just kept saying just say it can’t be that bad. I took a deep breath and showed her the picture of the ultrasound(picture below) and said this is my daughter. She was so shocked she started to tear up, I was so scared that she wasn’t going to want to be my friend anymore but she had the best reaction ever she wasn’t crying sad tears she was crying happy tears. After that, we went for a walk around and we ended up sitting in the middle of a field and I caught her up on the last 4.5 months of my life that I had been hiding. I don’t think I could have gotten a better reaction I was so relieved I wish I had told her sooner.

How I told Zoe: I walked into the library and saw Zoe there and went up to go talk to her. I didn’t think of telling her at the exact moment I just went to go chat. We ended up going on a walk and I thought to myself might as well tell her now. My arms were super sore from getting a flu shot in one arm and whooping cough shot in the other. I was complaining about my arms being sore to Zoe and I told her one shot was for the flu and one was for whooping cough and she just said oh ok. I asked her if she knew what a whooping cough was for and she said no so I told her it’s so that a baby doesn’t get it and cough itself to death. She paused for a second because what I just said didn’t register into her head yet and she said wait are you pregnant and I said yea. She started to tear up and she gave me a big hug which was really sweet and we stood in the hallway talking about it for a bit but we both had to get back to class. She was so supportive and sweet it made me feel better.

How I told Haley: Dayna and I were sitting in the caf at lunch when Haley came to join us. I gave Dayna a look like “should I tell her right now” and she nodded. I didn’t know how to say it so I just kind of came out with saying it and showed her the picture. She was so shocked she said, “omg are you serious.” We all talked about it for a bit and after telling my friends it made me feel so much better and they gave me so much support.

I can’t thank my friends enough for being there for me through the most difficult time in my life and supporting me 100% through the way. They gave me so much love and support when I need it most. I love them so much for everything they’ve done for me and for Jade they are the best friends anyone could ask for.



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