How I Found Out I Was Pregnant


It was Friday, June 16, 2017, when my world was turned upside down. School had just ended and the weekend began, it was the weekend of the sound of music and I was planning to go to a friends party before Sound of Music to drink. As I was walking home it was blistering out so on my walk I stopped at the plaza and went into the pharmacy to get a drink. As I was grabbing my drink I saw pregnancy tests. I didn’t think I was pregnant but I was late which I didn’t think much of since it had happened many times before. I thought maybe I should just double check since I was planning on drinking that night. I had my drink so I could take the test when I got home.

I finally got home my and my dad was upstairs cleaning so I ran downstairs with the pregnancy test in my bag so he wouldn’t see it. I grabbed the tests went into the washroom and watched the test waiting for the results but as I said I really didn’t think I was pregnant so I wasn’t too worried.

How the test works are there are two boxes in the test one that shows a line in the one box that appears when the test is done correctly and a control box, if there was no line in the control box it was negative and a line was positive.

As I watched the control box I saw a pink line appear and get darker. My heart dropped. I grabbed the instructions to make sure a line in the control box really did mean pregnant and I wasn’t supposed to be seeing a plus. Nope, I was seeing correctly and I was pregnant. I was so shocked I started to shake I took the test and went into my room and sat in my bed in disbelief that there was a little baby growing in my belly. And that is where my story begins!

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